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 This week we have learned about a tradition in many English speaking countries: THANKSGIVING!

Learning a different language includes learning about the customs and traditions of the countries where that language is spoken. 

Two of our Language Assistants are from The United States. So we have had the opportunity to get to learn first hand how this festivity is celebrated. 

Besides their presentations, every student in school got to write something they are thankful on a feather. All these feathers have been used to decorate our very own Thanksgiving turkey. 

Below you can read some of them. It is important to mention that FAMILY, FRIENDS and SCHOOL are what most kids are thankful for. 💓



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“Hi! My name is Karri, and I am from the Philippines. I like traveling and going on adventures a lot. I also enjoy learning new skills whenever I can, like sports or arts. It’s my first time living abroad and Spain has been amazing! I hope to meet new people and learn more about the culture and language.”


“Hi! I'm Yella and I'm from Manila, Philippines! I'm a ballet dancer who loves reading books and going to museums. I also love discovering new places and exploring the world around me!"


"Hi everyone! My name is Ana and I’m from Augusta, Georgia. I’ve been living in New York for the past eight years. I enjoy knitting, reading, and art history. I did the Camino de Santiago this past Summer - starting in Oviedo. I’m really excited to join Colegio Los Ángeles! "


"Hello!! My name is Kelsey Serveiss and I am a language assistant from Virginia, USA. Before coming to Spain, I was a teacher for 2 years teaching 5th and 6th grade. I love traveling, my dog, Callie, watching movies, doing yoga and pilates and spending time with my family and friends! When I found out about this program to teach abroad in a foreign country, I was so excited because I love teaching and I love traveling! I have never been to Spain before but so far I have loved it!  I can't wait to get to know you all!". 


"Hello!! My name is Cate. I am from Rhode Island, USA. I studied in Washington, D.C. and graduated from university in May 2021. I love to read and travel, and I enjoy learning about history. I studied in Madrid for a semester and I am very excited to be back in Spain!"

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 In addition, other Halloween activities have been carried out from different subject areas. 

For example, the research of Edgan Allan Poe, a well- know American writer whose most famous creations revolve around terror. 


 Hi families, 

Look at the amazing activities we enjoyed for Halloween at our school. 

🎃THE HAUNTED GARDEN: our students really enjoyed visiting our creepy garden. 

🎃PUMPKIN EXHIBITION: Thanks for your participation! Having pumpkins all over our school was super cool and pretty. You all did a great job decorating and creating these wonderful pumpkins. 

🎃COSTUMES: as every year, our kids came with the best costumes. Thank you for respecting the dress code rules. 

The whole week was a blast!!

🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃


  This week we have learned about a tradition in many English speaking countries: THANKSGIVING ! Learning a different language includes lear...